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Turn Key Engineering Solutions

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3/24/2015 11:49:47 AM


This includes but is not limited to preparation of brief design basis, technical queries, preliminary plot plan & GA, preliminary flow diagram, estimate of the bulk quantities and sizing of major equipment along with brief specifications.

Basic & Detailed

This includes complete Basic and Detail engineering for mechanical equipment & power systems, electrical, civil, structural and architectural works, control & instrumentation. It also includes preparation of commissioning procedures, startup & shut down procedures,performance guarantee test procedure, O&M manual, as well as support for field engineering, inspection tests, performance test review etc.

Nikom’ scope includes the following services under basic engineering:

  •         Preparation of Plot Plan

  •         Preparation of building general arrangement

  •         Key Single Line Diagrams

  •         System wise design criteria document (indicating basic system /equipment sizing calculation, flow diagram, Operation & Control philosophy etc.)

The detail engineering services include:

  •         Preparation of Technical Specifications

  •         Preparation of Technical bid evaluation reports

  •         Vendor drawing review

  •         Detailed engineering comprising of layout, power requirement,infrastructural facilities, foundation and superstructures of various buildings and structures, electrical/instrumentation/building automation equipment and cabling layouts etc.

  •         Preparation of Bill of materials

  •         Preparation of Electrical & Instrumentation Cable scheduleand interconnection /Logic diagrams

  •         Preparation of procedure for Pre-commissioning activities

  •         Preparation of procedure for commissioning including check lists and method statements.

  •         Preparation of procedure for acceptance tests includingreliability run and PG tests

  •         Preparation of As-built drawings

Nirmalya Fadikar

Nikom InfraSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

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